Дмитрий Филатов

Hi, my name is Dmitrii Filatov. This is my personal page on the Internet. I am the Co-Founder & CEO of the gamedev accelerator Narwhal and the CTO of InvestGame.

To connect with me, you can use my Telegram or LinkedIn. If you want to meet in person — I live in Paphos, Cyprus, and attend major international gaming conferences.

I have several blogs: IT Management with the self-explanatory blog name, and GameDev. Honey and Tar is a blog about video games with a developer’s vision.

I also have a Telegram channel, DogDog, about the video game business and development "kitchen", And a podcast, Two Capitals, about everything related to IT.

Vendors for Gamedev is my pet project, a useful and updated list of companies that can help you develop your game.

Have a nice day!